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Adjust Affiliate Commissions When an Order Is Canceled in Shopify
Adjust Affiliate Commissions When an Order Is Canceled in Shopify

Enable us to track Shopify cancellations and update commissions accordingly.

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Affiliate sales from your Shopify store create conversions in Refersion. But when the end customer cancels their order, what happens to that conversion? You can adjust this setting to ensure you’re not paying out commissions on these orders.

How it works

Once you turn this setting on, we’ll start tracking processed cancellations on the Shopify side, creating what’s called a “cancellation conversion” on the Refersion side.

Note: This option only applies to full cancellations, not partial ones or refunds, and it doesn’t replace the conversion approval process. The credit will reflect any coupons/discounts that were entered as part of the conversion. If you need to adjust commission for returns or partial refunds, you can apply a negative commission credit manually. You could also consider looping in your developer to utilize our Cancellation Conversion API Endpoint. You can send a cancellation conversion in for an entire order by order ID or cancel one SKU from many SKUS.

How To Enable Shopify Order Cancellations

From Refersion, logged in:

1. Go to Account > Settings > Shopify

2. Under Shopify Order Cancellations, and select Yes, track Shopify cancellations in Refersion.

3. Click Save Changes.

From your Manage > Conversions view, and in your reporting, you’ll see any negative conversion in red, with their commissions removed:

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