At its foundation, Refersion offers you loads of data that gives insight on how your affiliate marketing strategy is performing. Our reporting feature lets you export that data so you can segment your offers, affiliates, creatives, and SKUs.  

To get started, click on the Reporting Tab while logged into your Refersion account. 

Choosing The Right Report For The Job

Depending on your need, Refersion offers four types of data that can be exported. 

Once you pick your report type we show you in the Report Column Preview section the different columns that will exported in the CSV file. Use this preview to help you download the specific data you need. 

Affiliate: The affiliate report is a great way for finding your best performing affiliates  and eliminating your worst. We've even written an article that shows you how you can easily segment your affiliates

To run reports on your existing affiliates select the Affiliate button under Report Type. 

You can select a couple of different options for search criteria. The first one is grouping your affiliates by SubIDs. SubIDs are a useful way to track where conversions originated from. Please check out our article about how you can add SubIDs inside your referral links. 

Additionally, you can select whether you want to export paid, unpaid, or both those types of conversions in your report. Keep in mind, reports only export approved conversions.  

Offer: The offer report is an effective way of seeing how your offers are performing over a period of time. This is a great tool for merchants that are always testing new offers to see which perform best.

To run reports on your existing offers select the Offer button under Report Type. 

Keep in mind, only approved conversions will be exported. 

Creative: If you've uploaded creatives and given them to your affiliates, you can run a report and see which banner is the most effective. This is a great reporting tool to share with your affiliates if you are currently testing multiple banners. 

To run reports on your existing creatives select the Creatives button under Report Type. 

Keep in mind, only approved conversions will be exported.  

SKU: If you have offers that set a specific commission for each SKU in your shop, then this report will help you determine which item is being sold most by your affiliates. This report might uncover an item that needs a slightly higher commission to encourage your affiliates to push it harder.    

To run reports on your uploaded SKUs select the SKU button under the Report Type.

Tackling The Report Settings

Each report has mandatory settings you need to fill out under the Report Settings section. Most of these are self-explanatory, but there's one option that lets you create report and have it automatically processed during specific intervals.. 

You can choose to have your report simply run once, or if you select Recurring, you'll be able select the frequency and date range. This allows for a report to be emailed to you on a regular basis. Thus, freeing up your time from manually downloading reports every week or even quarter. 

Checking The Report Status

The Report Status lists the last twenty reports that you've run. This includes one-time reports as well as recurring reports.

The first column will display which type of report that was processed.

The second column displays whether the report is one-time or recurring. You can download a report by clicking the Download button in the last column.

Since we only show the last 20 reports that you've run, you should be in the habit of storing useful reports on your hard drive or in an app like Google Drive. However, you can always select custom dates and run a specific report again if you've misplaced the original. 

Viewing Recurring Reports

The Recurring Reports item lists all your active recurring reports in one place. 

To stop a recurring report you'll want to click on the little black box right above the Download button in the Actions column. Recurring reports will continue to email you the latest report until you tell it to stop. 

Harnessing Data In Your Reports

Refersion's reporting feature allows you to get control of your affiliate marketing program. By testing different segments and running regular reports, you'll be able to find the perfect offer that generates the highest ROI. Always be testing and always be running reports. 

What's Next?

Learn how to segment different affiliates. 

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