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How Do I Use Refersion?
How Do I Use Refersion?

If you’re a merchant using Refersion to track and manage your affiliate program, then check out our full video walkthrough of the platform!

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Refersion is a tool that works for most brands that have an active affiliate marketing program - or the desire to build one!

The Basics

Below are some of the main things you’ll see and do as you use the app.

Tracking: You’ll integrate your new Refersion account with your ecommerce platform so you can track all of the sales (conversions) that your affiliates bring in.

Account Settings: Where you’ll manage things like your shop information; program terms, policies and branding that go out in your Affiliate communications; how your commissions will be calculated; IP and SKU exclusions and integrations.

Payment Settings: You’ll be able to pay Affiliate commissions in whatever way works best for you, including via integrations like PayPal and Trolley, and easily track payment status from Refersion.

Channels: Several different places and ways you can engage Affiliates and curate your network: Refersion Marketplace, Email, Affiliate Registration Page, and the Post-Purchase Widget (which can help turn happy customers into affiliates).

Management: You’ll have simple views and tools to manage all Affiliates in your network, the commission Offers you’ll create in order to segment them, the Conversions they bring in, and Creatives you can spin up to make promotion more effective.

Dashboard views and reporting: Help you understand what levers you can pull to make your program more effective as you scale — whether it’s an affiliate you should touch base with, a product that’s emerging as a favorite, or another KPI you have your eye on.

Get kicked off right with our Getting Started guide. You can also learn how to use the Refersion platform and it's features with this in-depth video walkthrough:

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