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Enable Affiliates to Create Email Conversion Triggers
Enable Affiliates to Create Email Conversion Triggers

Empower your affiliate network to create email conversion triggers on the fly.

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One of the ways affiliates can collaborate with you on the tracking front is to submit their own customer emails. When an order comes into Refersion through the approved email address, the conversion will be attributed to the Affiliate.

Enable Affiliates to set up their own conversion triggers:

  1. Go to Account>Settings>Conversion Triggers.

  2. Under Allow Affiliates to create their own Email Conversion Triggers, select Yes.

  3. Save Changes.

Note: You will have to approve each conversion trigger your affiliates creates — unless you select Yes under Auto-approve email conversion triggers.

What your Affiliates will see

From their own Dashboards, your affiliates will now be able to enter emails for your approval from the new Track Customer Orders by Email field.

Approve or deny conversion triggers

When requests are sent, you can view and approve or deny them from the Affiliate’s Settings Page.

  1. Click on the Affiliate with conversion triggers awaiting approval.

  2. From their Settings page, click Conversion Triggers.

  3. Click Approve or Deny.

From this page, you can also delete or add conversion triggers for an Affiliate.

If you would like a report generated with the email conversion triggers active on your account, shoot us an email and we can set that up for you!

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