How To Upload SKU Commissions

Quickly add a list of products and corresponding commissions to your offer strategy.

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Product-level commissions allow you to set specific commission rates for certain products in your store. If you want to add product-level commissions — SKUs — to your commission structure strategy, and you have too many to add one by one, follow these these steps to upload them quickly:

1. Go to Manage > Offers.

2. Click on an Offer Name from the list (or, create and save an offer; then go back to add).

3. Click Product Level Commissions from the menu on the left.

4. Click the Upload SKU CSV button.

5. Select how you’d like your SKUs list added:

  • Add new SKUs and update pre-existing SKUs.

  • Delete all existing SKUs, then replace with new SKUs

6. Click Download CSV template file.

7. Add your product details under the column headers: SKU, PRODUCT_NAME, COMMISSION_TYPE, COMMISSION_AMOUNT (additional currency header details below)

Important Note: You need to enter PERCENT_OF_SALE, FLATE_RATE, or FLATE_RATE_PER_ITEM under the COMMISSION_TYPE column. The text must be formatted exactly like one of those 3 options.

Under the COMMISSION_AMOUNT column, please do NOT include special characters. Only include numbers.

8. Once completed, drag and drop your file or click into the box to browse for it.

9. Click Upload changes. (Depending on how many product-level commissions you are uploading at a time, you may have to wait a short while before they populate in your account)

Note: Since you are explicitly telling Refersion what commission to apply to each SKU, discounts will not be applied to items that have a product-level commission applied to them. They remain constant for product-set commission amounts.

If you need to factor in discounts to an offer containing SKUs, you’ll need to calculate them at the whole offer level.

Currency Header - Optional

Customize Commission Currency

If commissions for specific SKUs are different than the default currency you have set for your account, you can specify that: Add a CURRENCY column after the COMMISSION_AMOUNT column in your CSV file.

In this column, you should place the three-letter code of the specific commission’s currency.

You’ll find the codes and supported currencies in the following article:

Rows without a specified currency will default do the account’s default currency.

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