If you're looking to set Product Level Commissions in bulk, you can easily do this by creating and uploading a CSV file to reflect all the SKUs and commission levels in one go. 

SKU level commissions are setup on an offer level, so each offer can have a different set of SKUs. 

Please note: Discounts will not be applied to SKU level commissions. If you have SKUs that are using a discount, please make sure they are included in the base commission.

To set them up, navigate to Manage > Offers and click on an existing offer ID. If you are creating a new offer, create and save the offer and then go back to edit it.

Next, click on Product Level Commissions:

Download Template

Click the Upload SKU CSV button on the right and then Download CSV template File on the pop-up. 

Customize Commission Currency 

If commissions for specific SKUs are different than the default currency of the account you can specify a different currency. To do this, you will need to add a CURRENCY column after the COMMISSION_AMOUNT column in your CSV file. In this column, you should place the three-letter code of the specific commission’s currency. You may find the codes and the supported currencies in the following article:  

What Are the Supported Currency Codes

Rows without a specified currency will default do the account’s default currency. 

Complete Feed 

Next, fill in the sheet. For the COMMISSION_TYPE column, fill in one of the following values, depending on how the commission should be calculated for that item. 

[This is flat rate per order]


Click Upload SKU CSV, then drag and drop your file or click to browse.


There are two way to update the SKU CSV:

 1) Add new SKU’s and update pre-existing SKUs will add new items to the SKU list or updates the values for the exiting items. It will not delete any values in the existing SKU list even if they are not in the new CSV being uploaded. 

2) Delete all existing SKUs, then replace with new SKUs will delete EVERYTHING in the existing SKU commission list and replace it with the uploaded CSV. For example, If the CSV being uploaded is blank below the header then the resulting Product Level Commissions table will be empty.

Once selected, click Save Changes to upload your file. In a few minutes the uploaded SKUs will be processed and appear in the Product Level Commissions view!

What's Next?

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