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What Are The Supported Currency Codes?
What Are The Supported Currency Codes?

Here's our list of supported currencies.

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It’s important to understand how currencies are handled in Refersion as it can affect how you look at conversions, commissions, payments, and reporting.

Currency and Conversions

Conversions in Refersion are created based on the currency of the order within your store. For example, if your store is based in the US but allows customers to choose other currencies such as CAD, EUR, and GBP, you may see conversions in any of those currencies. Exactly how you see this data will depend on your e-commerce platform and/or how you’ve integrated it with Refersion.

Currency and Payments

When there are conversions in multiple currencies, affiliates will have commission due in those same currencies. When viewing your pending payments, Refersion will display an estimate of the payments in your primary account currency (Account > Settings), based on the current exchange rate.

If you’re using PayPal Payouts to pay affiliates, you’ll need to keep a balance of funds in each currency in order to complete those payments. You can read more about this here.

Currency and Tiered Commission Offers

When using tiered offers based on affiliate sales volume, affiliates will move up or down the tier depending on their sales in USD only. Sales recorded in other currencies will be converted to USD to be included in the tier calculations.

Please note: due to exchange rates and local prices, affiliates may move between tiers at different rates. As an alternative, you can create tiers based on the number of conversions, rather than sales volume.

Currency and Reporting

The primary account currency will be used for all Refersion reports and your Dashboard. You can configure your currency preference under Account > Settings. Conversions recorded in other currencies will be converted at the time of reporting.

Currency Conversion Rates

All currency conversions are done based on the current currency conversion rate at the time the data is requested.

Supported Currency Codes:

USD (United States dollar)

CAD (Canadian dollar)

AUD (Australian dollar)

NZD (New Zealand dollar)

GBP (British pound)

EUR (Euro)

ZAR (South African rand)

INR (Indian rupee)

NOK (Norwegian krone)

RON (Romanian leu)

DKK (Danish krone)

JPY (Japanese yen)

CZK (Czech koruna)

SGD (Singapore dollar)

ILS (Israeli new shekel)

PHP (Philippine peso)

MYR (Malaysian ringgit)

THB (Thai baht)

HUF (Hungarian forint)

EGP (Egyptian pound)

TWD (New Taiwan dollar)

CHF (Swiss franc)

HRK (Croatian kuna)

BRL (Brazilian real)

MXN (Mexican peso)

HKD (Hong Kong dollar)

SEK (Swedish krona)

CRC (Costa Rican colón)

ISK (Icelandic króna)

PLN (Polish złoty)

NGN (Nigerian naira)

TRY (Turkish lira)

VND (Vietnamese dong)

AED (United Arab Emirates dirham)

PEN (Peruvian sol)

IDR (Indonesian rupiah)

PKR (Pakistani rupee)

SAR (Saudi riyal)

RSD (Serbian dinar)

LKR (Sri Lankan rupee)

KES (Kenyan shilling)

COP (Colombian peso)

CLP (Chilean peso)

ARS (Argentine peso)

XCD (Eastern Caribbean dollar)

MAD (Moroccan dirham)

KRW (South Korean won)

UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)

KWD (Kuwaiti dinar)

If a currency you’re looking for isn't listed, shoot us an email: [email protected]

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