An affiliate order is an order generated through an affiliate's efforts. For example, if an affiliate is promoting your site through their unique link, and a visitor clicks on that link and purchases a product from your site, that counts as an affiliate order. The same applies to coupon codes or other conversion triggers. If you have a subscription product, and you are crediting the affiliate for the recurring orders, recurring orders would count as affiliate orders as well. Denied orders do not.

With Refersion, you can recruit as many affiliates as you want, only when they generate sales (and hence you're seeing ROI with Refersion!) that it counts towards your tiers. 

That means your Refersion account allows for unlimited number of offers and affiliates. The pricing method is per order, so the Professional plan limits you to a total of 130 affiliate orders. 

If you run out of affiliate orders, you’re notified upon logging into your Refersion account.

For high volume exceeding the 130 orders per month, we have the Enterprise plan. Please contact us if you are interested in the Enterprise plan. 

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