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How To Use SKU Conversion Triggers
How To Use SKU Conversion Triggers

Credit an affiliate or influencer every time a specific product is sold.

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SKU Conversion Triggers work like royalty payments: you are collaborating on a product with a partner or an affiliate, and you want to credit them every single time a specific item is sold.

Note: This feature is turned OFF for new Refersion accounts, but we would be happy to turn it on for you. Simply shoot us an email.

There are two ways to set up SKU conversion triggers: from the Affiliate Page or from your Dashboard. Instructions for both below:

From the Affiliate Page

Navigate to Manage>Affiliates and click on the name of the affiliate you'd like to create the email conversion trigger for.

Click Conversion Triggers on the left and then click on Add Trigger.

From the pop-up: Under Type, select SKU, enter the SKU, and click Create.

The SKU should appear in the Conversion Triggers view, like this: 

From the Refersion Dashboard

From the Dashboard, click Add Conversion Trigger:

Select the Affiliate you'd like to create the Coupon Code Conversion Trigger for, choose SKU under Type, enter the SKU, and click Add Trigger:

Important: It is possible to credit the same order multiple times using SKU triggers if a visitor uses a link or a coupon code conversion trigger and one of the items has a SKU Conversion Trigger.

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