If you're looking to set Product Level Commissions in bulk, you can easily do this by creating and uploading a CSV file to reflect all the SKUs and commission levels in one go. 

SKU level commissions are setup on an offer level, so each offer can have a different set of SKUs. 

Please note: Discounts will not be applied to SKU level commissions. If you have SKUs that are using a discount, please make sure they are included in the base commission.

To set them up, navigate to Manage > Offers and click on an existing offer ID. If you are creating a new offer, create and save the offer and then go back to edit it.

Next, click on Product Level Commissions:

Download Template

Click the Upload SKU CSV button on the right and then Download CSV template File on the pop-up. 

Complete Feed 

Next, fill in the sheet. For the COMMISSION_TYPE column, fill in one of the following values, depending on how the commission should be calculated for that item. 

[This is flat rate per order]


Click Upload SKU CSV, drag and drop your file or click to browse.  Once Selected, click Save Changes to upload your file

In a few minutes the uploaded SKUs will be processed and appear in the Product Level Commissions view!

What's Next?

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