How To Change An Affiliate's Offer

Change the commission structure that an affiliate belongs to.

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In Refersion, you can have an unlimited number of offers and affiliates. You can change the affiliate's offer at any time by following these steps.

Go to Manage > Affiliates and look for the affiliate you're looking to update. You can scroll to find them, or search for the affiliate by typing their name, affiliate ID, company name, or email address in the search bar.

Next, hover over the row containing the affiliate and click the actions button. Within the actions menu, click Change Offer.

You will see a pop-up titled "Change offer for 1 affiliate(s)" where you can start typing the name of the appropriate offer. Once you select it you'll be able to click Change Offer in the pop-up.

You can also update the offer from the Edit Affiliate page by going to Manage > Affiliates, clicking on an affiliate's name, and clicking on Offer & Payment.

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