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How To Set Product-Level Commissions
How To Set Product-Level Commissions

Set different product-level commissions using SKUs.

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As you probably know, you can only assign an affiliate to one offer. But there are other ways to customize your commission structure to meet your goals.

One of these customizations is the ability to set different commissions at the product — or SKU — level. You can include as many SKUs as you want. You can add them individually or in bulk, by uploading a SKU commissions list. They just need to match up with SKUs in your store.

When SKU-level Commissions Come in Handy

If you have a product that has a lower margin, you may want to offer a lower commission rate to match. Or, you might want to incentivize affiliates to refer products with a higher margin by offering a higher, matching commission rate.

How We Calculate Them

We check every order to see if any sales contain SKU-level commissions. If so, we apply that special commission rate to those items. (Other products in the order keep the Offer’s default commission.)

How to Set Up SKU-level Commissions

1. Go to Manage>Offers.

2. Click on an Offer Name from the list (or, create and save an offer; then go back to add).

3. Click Product Level Commissions from the menu on the left.

4. Click the Add SKU button.

5. Enter the Commission Details.

Note: Product description is optional, but it is highly recommended to make it easier to see what product the SKU applies to.

6. Click Create.

How to Search Through Your SKU-level Commissions

If you have many SKUs uploaded to a particular offer and you need to search through them quickly, then you can use the search functionality:

Simply type the name or SKU of the product that you’re looking for, and click Search. All uploaded PLCs that contain your search terms in either the SKU or product name will appear:

You can click the X button under Clear Search to clear your search and go back to displaying all PLCs uploaded under the offer

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