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How Do I Cancel My Account?
How Do I Cancel My Account?

How to cancel your Refersion account

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If you decide that Refersion is not what you need, then you can cancel your account with us. If you are a trial user and you decide to cancel before your trial’s up, then you won’t be charged

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on an Enterprise plan with Refersion, then please note that all minimum fees due and owing for your Enterprise contract will need to be paid to cancel

Housekeeping Items

If you are a merchant and you are either ending your affiliate program or migrating it over to a different platform, then please note that there are some things that you'll need to take care of first:

  • Inform your affiliates about the upcoming change

  • Payout any pending commissions and clear out pending conversions

  • Export any data and reports for record-keeping (You can checkout our help guide on how to run reports)

Shopify users

If Refersion account is billed through Shopify, then you can simply uninstall our app to cancel your Refersion subscription. If you've set up direct billing with us, then please email or start a chat with us to get begin the cancellation process.

Other e-commerce users

Send us an email or chat with us, and we will being the cancellation process for your account.


Affiliates can delete their own accounts from the Affiliate Portal:

  1. From the Affiliate Dashboard, go to Settings > Delete Account.

  2. Enter your Current Password and click Delete Account.

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