What is VigLink?

VigLink is a technological company that provides a content monetization tool for publishers. By adding a simple JavaScript to their website code, VigLink publishers can easily affiliate the existing links to online store products and start earning revenue from the conversions they generate. With this very same code, VigLink can recognize keywords and product mentions within publisher’s content and insert links to relevant products to drive incremental traffic to retailers.

How much does it cost?

100% free. There are upgrades a merchant can purchase through VigLink to gain extra exposure, but those are completely optional. 

How do I recruit VigLink as an affiliate?

First, you need to enable our Marketplace in your Refersion Dashboard.
Second, email Vanessa Ellis, VigLink's Merchant Success Manager, at [email protected] and tell her that you want to work with them.
Finally, you need to accept VigLink's application to be your affiliate.

How do I assign a premium CPA?

You will need to contact VigLink directly to negotiate a special offer. 

What types of publishers work with VigLink?

All types of publishers including content bloggers, influencers, news websites, media buyers work with VigLink. Please note coupon & discount sites are automatically disabled for Refersion merchants. Please contact VigLink if you'd like to enable that option.

How do I contact VigLink?

Please email Vanessa Ellis at [email protected]

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