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What are the fees associated with using Unified Payments?
What are the fees associated with using Unified Payments?

Signing up for Unified Payments is free, but there are some associated transaction fees.

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Fees for Merchants

Merchants pay a monthly transaction fee of 1% of the funding amount per funding event (once a month on the first Monday), capped at $6.00 per funding event.

Merchants will also pay an annual fee of $5 for each affiliate that has earned $600 or more. This fee is for the filing of a 1099 form.

Important Note: If the ACH request to fund a merchant’s digital wallet is returned due to insufficient funds or a banking error from the merchant’s side, there is a $25 fee.

Fees for Affiliates

Affiliates will pay a $1.00 payout fee when withdrawing funds from their Unified Payments Wallet.

If you have a verified payout method connected and if you have funds sitting in your Unified Payments Wallet for 30 days after a merchant sends you a commission payment, then Dots will automatically transfer those funds from your Unified Payments Wallet to your preferred payout method.

Please Note: When manually withdrawing funds from your digital wallet using either PayPal or Venmo, affiliates have a withdrawal limit of $1,000 USD per 24 hours.

While we expect this to be infrequent, there may be a one-time identity verification fee of $3.00 for a manual ID verification process. This is only necessary in the unlikely occurrence that the affiliate has a name that appears on the US Government sanctions list.

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