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Learn how to manage conversions from the manage > conversions page

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The Manage > Conversions page is where you can find all of the sales referred by your affiliates along with any commissions they've earned through their referrals.

Using the table on the page, you'll be able to quickly review important information about conversions such as which affiliate referred the sale, the commission they earned, the order total, and the conversion's approval status.


πŸ’‘ Tip: To see all table columns, scroll to the very bottom of the conversions list and use the horizontal scrollbar. You'll know you've scrolled far enough when the scrollbar is all the way to the right and the first column becomes "sticky" with a shadow underneath it.

To see more details about a conversion, simply click the Order ID and a popup will appear. Here you can review how the commission was applied to individual line items in an order (all platforms except Amazon), click information (for link-based conversions), and offer information.


You can click the little "x" in the top right corner of the popup modal to close out of the conversion details and continue reviewing other conversions - all without leaving or reloading the page.

Table Actions

Approving and denying conversions

To approve or deny a pending conversion, simply hover over the row containing the pending conversion, and you'll see a green box with a checkmark (βœ“) for approving the affiliate and a red box with an X for denying the affiliate next to the offer ID.

Bulk actions

Bulk Approve or Deny conversions

When you click the checkbox in the header of the conversions table, all conversions on the current page (up to 50) will be selected in bulk. You can only bulk approve or deny PENDING conversions. For conversions in any other status (approved, denied, unqualified) you'll need to reach out to our team if you'd like those conversions changed to another status.

Search and filtering


In the search box at the top of the page, you can search for conversions using one of the two options listed below:

  • Conversion: This option lets you search for conversions using the conversion's ID, order ID, or subscription ID.

  • Affiliate: This option lets you search for conversions based on affiliate information such as the affiliate's ID, name, company name, or email address.


You can filter down the list of conversions based on the e-commerce platform, the conversions' approval status, and the conversion creation date.
​Please Note: The platform filter only supports filtering for Shopify and Amazon conversions.

When you apply one or more filters, you'll see a green dot on the filter button as shown in the image below.

If you forget which filters you've applied, simply click the filter button again and the applied filter will have a similar green dot next to it.

You can click the highlighted filter to make adjustments or click "Clear All" to remove all currently applied filters.

Saving and sharing views with others

When applying filters or sorting conversions, the URL in your browser will update with the filters you've applied. You can bookmark the new URL to return to this view later or simply copy the URL to share with a colleague.

Below is the full URL from the image below showing a filtered list of conversions for the current month of October 2022:

Showing and hiding columns

You can customize the list view by showing and hiding columns using the gear icon located at the top right of the conversions table.

When a table column is hidden, you'll see a grey, crossed-out eye icon. Clicking the eye icon will toggle between showing and hiding columns in the table.

Please note: The Order ID column is locked and cannot be hidden. In addition, you'll need to hide/show columns again if you leave the page and revisit it or if you refresh your browser window.

If you have additional questions about this page or managing conversions, you can reach out to our team in-app via chat or send us an email at [email protected].

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