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How Do I Upload Creatives For My Affiliates?
How Do I Upload Creatives For My Affiliates?

Provide creatives and other visual assets for your affiliates to promote your brand

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You can easily add creative assets to your Refersion account to provide additional visual assets that your affiliates can use to promote your brand. Using the creative feature allows each of your affiliates to simply copy and paste a snippet of code onto their site and their unique affiliate link will already be embedded. Additionally, creatives are dynamic: if you update the graphic from your end it will be updated automatically anywhere the affiliates are using it. Affiliates can also download the images for use on social media or email.

Please Note: We do not currently support videos nor SVG files in our Creatives section. We do, however, support JPG images, PNG images and animated GIFs with a size limitation of 2MB.

To upload new creatives, log in to your Dashboard then go to Manage > Creatives and click on Create New

Step 1 - Put in the name of the description and the landing page URL. 

Step 2 - The landing page URL can be your main site or a specific product page. It is important to make sure the Landing Page URL is part of your current approved domain. You can check this by going to Account>Settings>Your domain.

Please Note: Because you have to enter your brand's website as the domain for your creatives, affiliates are not be able to use creatives to promote your Amazon store at this time

Step 3 - (Optional) Choose a category such as Banners, Sidebar Ads, or Blog to organize your creatives.

Step 4 - Choose the file to upload (file size is limited to 2MB) and click Create.

Some of the most common image sizes used by our publishers are listed here:

Square – 250 x 250
Small Square – 200 x 200
Banner – 468 x 60
Leaderboard – 728 x 90
Inline Rectangle – 300 x 250
Large Rectangle – 336 x 280
Skyscraper – 120 x 600
Wide Skyscraper – 160 x 600

To see what the creatives look like from the affiliate side, you can go to Manage > Affiliates, click on the kebob menu to the right of an affiliate's row, click Login As and then go to the Creatives tab. Your new creatives will be listed there.

Please remember: dynamic creatives require that your affiliates are able to copy, paste and properly display HTML code when sharing them with their audience. Appropriate places for creatives are generally a blog or website. If you are working with affiliates who mainly share images on social media, instruct them to download the creatives you’ve shared from their portal and to manually upload the images to their social media accounts.

Let us know if you want to add HTML hyperlink creatives; we can help you set that up upon request!

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