You have the ability to exclude product costs from your commission calculation. To do this, go to Account > Settings > Calculation Logic and select Yes, Include the product costs that I set below from the Products Costs dropdown

To build your feed, open up your favorite spreadsheet processor (we are using Google Sheets in the example below) and build your feed. Your need to complete two columns as follows:

  • Column A: This will be a list of your SKUs. Enter or import each SKU you're looking to associate a cost with. Each SKU entered into the column must be unique. 
  • Column B: This is a list of the respective product cost, corresponding to the SKU in column A. Do not include any currency symbols or codes, Refersion will automatically use the currency code set for your account.

Note: Do not enter column labels when creating your feed.
Once completed, your feed should be in this format:

Save/Export the feed in the correct format:

You must save or export your feed in the CSV format. 

For Google Spreadsheets: Go to File > Download as > Comma-separated values (.csv)

For most versions of Microsoft Excel: Go to File > Save As and select "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" in the file format selection.

Upload the feed into your Refersion account:

After you've saved or exported the file, head back to Account > Settings > Calculation Logic, choose the file you just build, input a Default product cost if you'd like (this will be the default cost if the SKU was not uploaded) and click Save Changes.

You should now see Last Uploaded and the date displayed.

What's Next?

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