How To Build a Product Cost Feed

You can exclude product costs from your commission calculation.

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Depending on what kind of business you have, it might make sense to exclude product costs from your commission calculations.

You can enable this from your account settings, then upload your SKUs and costs so they’ll be taken out going forward.

Enable the Setting

1. Go to Account > Settings > Calculation Logic.

2. Under Subtract product costs from any commission calculation?, select Yes.

Add Your Product Costs

1. Open up a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets.

2. Create a new spreadsheet (Important note: do not create any labels for columns; see the example below):

  • Column A: Enter or import all SKUs you’d like to deduct product costs from. (Each SKU must be unique.)

  • Column B: Enter the product cost that applies to the SKU in column A. (Refersion will automatically use the currency code set for your account, so you’ll just add the number by itself.)

3. Save as/Export the sheet as a Comma-separated values (.csv) format.

4. Click Choose File, and select the finished CSV to Upload to Refersion.

You’ll now see the Last Uploaded file and upload date displayed.

Optional: Set a Default product cost (the default cost if the SKU was not uploaded,) and click Save Changes.

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