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How to troubleshoot your BigCommerce Integration
How to troubleshoot your BigCommerce Integration

Here are some common errors you may come across while setting up your BigCommerce integration and the solutions to fix them.

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In this article, we will go through some of the most common issues found when integrating your BigCommerce store with your Refersion Account.

An Error Was Encountered: The action you have requested is not allowed


This error can appear when trying to access your Refersion dashboard from within your Bigcommerce admin panel. In BigCommerce, an iframe is used to discplay the Refersion dashboard. An Iframe is a way to include one website within another website. Refersion’s app works best when you access it directly in your browser instead of within Bigcommerce in an iframe.


Login to Refersion in a new, separate tab using this url:

My BigCommerce store is not connected to my Refersion account


When you add the Refersion app to BigCommerce, our system will try to automatically connect your BigCommerce to your Refersion account. If you’re not logged into Refersion prior to completing this action, this can sometimes fail.


  1. In your browser, log into your BigCommerce admin as the store owner. If you are not the store owner, please have the store owner complete these steps.

  2. In the same browser, open a new tab and sign in to your Refersion dashboard using this link:

  3. Once logged in, navigate to Account > Settings > Tracking.

  4. With both tabs open, install the Refersion App from the BigCommerce App Store. This should automatically connect BigCommerce tracking to your Refersion account.

If automatically connecting Refersion and Bigcommerce doesn’t work, you can try these steps to get integrated instead:

  1. Return to your Refersion tab where you opened the tracking page. If you navigated away from this page, you can return to the tracking page by going to Account > Settings > Tracking in Refersion.

  2. Once you’re on the tracking page, click + Add Tracking then select BigCommerce as a platform.

  3. For this step, you’ll need your BigCommerce store’s Permanent Address. If you are unsure what this is its a unique identifier for your BigCommerce store that never changes and looks something like “”.

  4. You can find your store’s permanent address in two ways:

    1. Depending on your store’s setup, you might see this in the address bar of your BigCommerce admin:

    2. Otherwise, you can navigate to Account Setting > Store Details.

      On this screen, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find your permanent address:

    3. Once you’ve located your permanent address, enter this in the box on the screen and proceed. This should prompt you to install the Refersion app in BigCommerce.

    4. Once the app is installed, tracking should be connected.

You’ll be able to confirm your BigCommerce store is connected to Refersion by navigating back to Account > Settings > Tracking within your Refersion dashboard:

Once you confirm your store is connected, you can complete the rest of the integration steps outlined in our BigCommerce integration article.

My test order is not showing up as a conversion

If you followed all of the integration steps and you still don’t see your test order in Refersion, here are a few reasons why this may happen:

  • Not enough time has passed since you placed your test order. BigCommerce orders may take up to 30 minutes before they’ll appear in Refersion.

  • BigCommerce leverages several different order and payment statuses which affect the eligibility of certain orders to become conversions.

    • Payment Statuses:
      Only orders whose payment status is equal to “Captured” (paid) are eligible to be sent over to Refersion. Orders whose payment is only authorized will not appear in Refersion without additional configuration from our team.

    • Order Statuses:
      Because BigCommerce sends a notification for every order status change and there are a lot of statuses an order can be in, we only support a few order statuses in Refersion when it comes to creating conversions.

Depending on your specific setup, the team at Refersion may need to add additional configurations to your account in order to account for specific order statuses your store may use. For additional help, you may reach out to our team at [email protected].

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