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Learn how to integrate Refersion with your InfluencerBit account.

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InfluencerBit will help you automate your micro influencer marketing at scale. It allows you to capture people who love your brand, encourage them to promote it, track their statistics and enables you to send them rewards. In just 3 steps you can integrate Refersion with InfluencerBit so that any of your affiliates that have an Instagram account can have their social media posts tracked in InfluencerBit

Step 1: Capture Instagram usernames with a custom field

First you need to be able to capture the Instagram handles of new affiliates that join your program, which you can do with a custom field on your offer’s registration form.

Login to your Refersion account and go to Channels>Affiliate Registration>Custom Form Fields and click the +Add Custom Field button:

Configure your settings as follows within the popup that you’ll see:

  • Under Field Mapping select CUSTOM FIELD.

  • Under Label, enter ‘Instagram Handle’ or similar.

  • Leave the Field Type as ‘Standard Text Box’.

  • Finally for the Required? checkbox you can either check the box or leave it unchecked depending on your use case.

PLEASE NOTE: If an affiliate signs up for your program without providing their Instagram account information, then you won’t be able to track that affiliate’s Instagram activity in InfluencerBit.

Step 2: Connect to Refersion in Your InfluencerBit Dashboard and Get the Webhook URL

Next you’ll need to generate a webhook URL in your InfluencerBit account. You’ll need this in order to send the relevant information about your affiliates from Refersion into InfluencerBit.

Login to your InfluencerBit Dashboard, select Integrations from the left hand menu and find the Refersion integration. Click Connect.

Within the popup that appears, click the Activate button, and you will receive a webhook URL. You can leave the ‘Email Property’ and ‘Custom Instagram Username Property’ fields blank. Copy this webhook URL as you will need it for Step 3 below.

Step 3: Create a Webhook in Refersion to Add Your InfluencerBit Webhook URL

Return to your Refersion account, navigate to the Account > Settings > Webhooks tab, and click + Create New Webhook in the upper right corner.

A popup will appear. Select ‘New Affiliate’ for the webhook ;Type’ and paste the webhook URL from InfluencerBit in the ‘Webhook URL’ field:

Click Create, and you’re all set! Moving forward any affiliates who join your program in Refersion and submit their Instagram handle will be tracked in InfluencerBit and whenever they mention your brand on Instagram or create a story, InfluencerBit will track it.

PLEASE NOTE: For any affiliate(s) who had already joined your program in Refersion before setting up the InfluencerBit integration you’ll need to manually add their information along with their Instagram account(s) into your InfluencerBit account

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