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How do I report a bug or error in my account?
How do I report a bug or error in my account?

Documentation that will help us resolve any issues as quickly as possible

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If you notice a bug or error within Refersion please let us know by emailing [email protected]. We will work with you to resolve as quickly as possible. In certain cases we will need to submit a ticket to our engineering team and will ask you to include as much information as possible about your experience.

Here are some details that are helpful to include in your support request:

  • The browser and device where the issue is occurring.

  • The actions or steps you took before the issue occurred (when applicable).

  • A video and/or screenshots of the issue.

For More Complex Issues

For more complex issues, our team may also ask for a special HTTP Archive (HAR) file to be attached to your request.

What is a HAR file?

A HAR file includes a log of the activity that happens between the browser and the website for a specific webpage. This file is a great tool for deep technical troubleshooting and debugging which can be necessary when running into issues our team isn’t able to directly replicate on our end.

How do I generate a HAR file?

HAR files can be generated using a browser’s developer tools. Most modern browsers come with their own developer tools and their own separate instructions for generating a HAR file, and you’ll need to follow the instructions specific to your browser. These instructions will be found in any browser’s support documentation, but reach out if you have any trouble finding them.

As an example, we’ve provided instructions for accessing the browser’s developer tools and generating a HAR file if you’re using Google Chrome.

Important! Before you generate a HAR file, please note that these files may contain sensitive data such as passwords or credit card information depending on the page the file is generated for. Because of this, we ask that you DO NOT send HAR files for login, password reset, or billing page errors.

Note: HAR files can only be generated while browsing on your desktop. If you encounter an issue on a mobile device, please provide as much information as possible based on the suggestions mentioned above.

How to generate a HAR file using Google Chrome:

From the page that gave you an error, right click and select Inspect.

After clicking, the developer tools for Chrome will appear. Depending on your browser settings, this tool window may appear at the bottom of your browser, the right side of your browser or as a separate popup window.

Once the developer tool window is open, navigate to the Network tab. In the network tab, click the Do not enter (🚫 ) icon to clear the current log of network activity. Next, add a check to the Preserve log check box.

Keeping the developer tools open, reload the page to populate a new log of activity that includes information about the error you received.

Once you see new data populated in the Network tab, generate a HAR file by right clicking into the first table cell from the “Name” column and select Save all as HAR with content from the menu that appears.

Once selected, you’ll be prompted to save the file to your computer. Save the file in a place where you can easily find it, then attach the file to your support request.

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