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Centralize your data in your Marketplace account
Centralize your data in your Marketplace account

Promote for multiple brands? See your data together in Marketplace

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Refersion’s Marketplace provides a unified dashboard for publishers, creators, and affiliates to see their performance across all the brands in the Marketplace that they promote for - but this will only happen automatically if you use the same email when creating your Marketplace account that you use when registering with each individual brand.

If you’ve applied directly to a brand’s program (rather than from inside your Marketplace account) using a separate email address, you will not see that brand’s data in your Marketplace dashboard. However you can merge any separate accounts’ data into your Marketplace dashboard (provided that the merchant has enabled this feature from their account).

How to merge your data within Marketplace

From your Marketplace dashboard, navigate to “Your Name” > Edit your profile, and copy the email shown under Your Email / Login.

Next, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the affiliate dashboard login page, and enter the email and password used to access your individual affiliate dashboards. If you have multiple accounts under the same email, you’ll see a list of those accounts on this screen. Select one of the accounts to login.

Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Name & Address to update the email address to match the email you’ve used to set up your Marketplace account.

Important note: you will need to log out and repeat the process for the remaining accounts listed on the login screen.

Within 24-48 hours of these updates you’ll see the accounts appear on your Marketplace dashboard in My Offers and within any reports. From here on out you’ll be able to log in from your Marketplace account to see the data across all of these accounts.

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