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Troubleshooting Chargebee Integration
Troubleshooting Chargebee Integration

If you’ve encountered a challenge with your Chargebee integration, we’ve got solutions here.

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Setting up your integration between Chargebee and Refersion can vary depending up on your store’s setup. We’ve put a few suggestions below that could cause an issue.

Here are the things to look for:

  • Confirm that you are not testing on a free or trial subscription as that won’t report as a “Successful Payment” from Chargebee to Refersion. Refersion listens for “payment.succeeded” events from Chargebee, which are not sent on these types of subscriptions.

  • Confirm that you have both our click tracking script installed in your site header and our conversion tracking code added to your confirmation or Thank You page.

  • Double check the thank you page URL for all of your Chargebee plans. If you use a custom thank you page for each plan, be sure to include ?rfsn_ci={{}} at the end of each thank you page’s url, as seen in the image below.

  • Confirm enough time has passed. For some Chargebee accounts with lots of integrated apps, there could be a delay of up to 24 hours before you see a conversion in Refersion.

  • Double check any code that you’ve copy-pasted from our instructions into your site. Even a small discrepancy can cause an error.

  • Verify your webhook is set up properly by following these steps:

    1. Find the webhook you created for Refersion and click “Test Webhook”
    2. When asked to choose an event to test, please select “Payment Succeeded”.

If it’s set up correctly, you should receive a success message, as seen below.

If you’re still having trouble after checking the above, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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