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Troubleshooting WooCommerce Integration
Troubleshooting WooCommerce Integration

Identify the cause of some common plugin problems.

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Ahh, PLUGINS: They can make the impossible possible. They can also make the seemingly possible impossible when not set up properly.

If you’re hitting a roadblock, here are the things to be on the lookout for, and to try — assuming you have already:

  • Installed the Refersion plugin for WooCommerce

  • Configured the plugin with tracking turned on, and without adding anything extra — like a subdomain — to your settings.

Issue: My Order Wasn’t Tracked

Some possible reasons:

  • You may have forgotten to mark orders as Completed in WooCommerce. Once you mark your orders Completed on the WooCommerce side, we’ll get them on the Refersion side.

    Note: If you’d like orders to report in earlier, when their status is Processing, you can revisit your Refersion plugin and change that setting. If you do, just be sure orders are paid before being sent into Refersion.

  • You have an optimization plugin installed. These types of plugins will frequently interfere with tracking clicks. If your optimization plugin allows scripts to be excluded, it may work with Refersion. Otherwise, it will only work for non-click conversion trigger tracking.

    Optimization plugins you might have installed: Autoptimize, Litespeed Cache, or W3 Total Cache

  • You have Autocomplete plugins or scripts running: Autocomplete just isn’t compatible with click-tracking. It can result in a status of “order pending” that never advances.

    Autocomplete plugins you might have installed: Booster for WooCommerce, WC Auto Complete Orders, Handmade WooCommerce Order Status Control

  • You have certain caching plugins installed. These can interfere with WP-Cron, which is how Wordpress handles time-based tasks. This can mess up things like subscriptions that operate based on time.

  • Your plugin is using a custom (non-standard) order status. If you use a custom order status — anything other than COMPLETED or PROCESSING — that order will not report into Refersion.

  • Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Smart Button: BNPL has become a favorite of customers, but this creates a natural delay in the timeline of click to conversion and ultimately, commission payout. This isn’t an error; it’s just something to be aware of.

  • Third-Party Payment Gateways: If your customer is taken away from your site for payment processing, this can interrupt tracking and result in a failed conversion — especially if the customer does not return to your site.

  • Geolocation Services: If you use geolocation services, remember that they can only work properly if the redirect paths are relative. (This way, the affiliate tracking parameters will be successfully passed over in the redirect.)

If you encounter an issue not listed here, please also take a look at the WooCommerce Known Conflicts, Issues and Workarounds page.

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