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Troubleshooting Failed Test Orders
Troubleshooting Failed Test Orders

What to do when your test order doesn’t work.

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A successful test order confirms that conversion tracking is indeed working, and that orders from your store can be attributed to your affiliates.

If your test order attempt was unsuccessful, chances are you’re just a troubleshoot away. Here are the things to look for:

  • You’re blocking cookies or you have another tracking blocker on. We need cookies to be tracked in order to track your orders. We recommend trying test orders in Incognito or Private mode for this reason.

  • You closed out your test order window too fast, or you navigated away from your site’s homepage too fast.. Hold up! Step through the order again a little slower so we have enough time to 1.) track your click and 2.) associate it with the order.

  • You forgot to mark the test order as Completed or Paid. If your ecommerce store is one that requires you to do this (WooCommerce, for example), we will only get that order info once you’ve marked it Completed or Paid on your store’s end.

  • You applied the wrong coupon amount for your test order. Some stores need a 99% coupon (Chargebee, Stripe, BigCommerce, and others) to be marked Paid, while others will accept a 100% coupon (Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud). When in doubt, try 99%.

    Free order placements won’t work for every platform: COD, Payment Gateway, bank transfer. They do work for WooCommerce. Just remember to mark the payment Completed.

    If you are using COD or a bank transfer for your test order, you must manually mark your order as Paid in order for the order to report into Refersion. For WooCommerce, the order should be marked as Completed. Neither of these payment methods work when testing on Bigcommerce.

  • Your website does not integrate with Refersion. Some platforms don’t integrate because they don’t accept custom Javascript (Wix, for example). See a complete list of our Integration partners here.

  • You have a more advanced (or custom) setup. Sometimes custom elements can interfere with integration. (This happens from time to time with Magento.) In this case, we highly recommend looping in a developer, if you haven’t already.

  • Shopify Customers: If you receive our request to collaborate, please accept it, and we can troubleshoot this together!

And if you’ve tried again and still haven’t had any luck with your test order or referral link, give us a shout! Chat to us in Refersion or send us an email.

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