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Logging In and Out of Your Account
Logging In and Out of Your Account

How to log in and out of your affiliate dashboard

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The first thing you’ll receive when you’re accepted into a merchant’s program is a welcome email. It looks something like this:

Within the email is a link to your Dashboard. You can bookmark this URL for easy future access.

And if you’re ever on the Refersion website, you can also log in from there by clicking Sign in from the upper right and selecting Affiliate Dashboard:

Logging In

To access your Dashboard from your URL, simply enter your email and password, and click Login. (If you want, you can change your login information from your Settings once you’ve logged in.)

Logging Out

From your Dashboard, you can log out whenever you want. Click your name in the top right of your dash, and select Logout from the drop-down menu.

Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the Forgot password link, then enter your email address, and click Reset Password.

Go to your email inbox, and once you receive the reset email, open it, and click the Reset Password button. Finally, enter and confirm your new password, and click Reset Password one last time. You’ll then be prompted to log in with your new info.

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