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How Do I Cancel My Affiliate Account?
How Do I Cancel My Affiliate Account?

Steps to delete an Affiliate account.

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If you no longer want to work with a particular merchant, you can delete the account that’s linked to their program.

Once you’ve deleted the account, you will immediately lose access to your dashboard including your sales and payment history for that merchant, so you may want to run some reports before you take this step.

Note: If you are only signed up with one merchant, this will delete your only Refersion account. If you work with multiple merchants on Refersion, deleting one will not affect any of the other accounts.

  1. Log in to your Dashboard.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under General Settings, click Delete Account.

  4. Enter your current password and click Delete Account again.

You’ll receive an email to confirm the account deletion, and login info for this account will no longer be valid.

Note: This process is a little different if you are working with merchants on Refersion Marketplace.

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