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Why Are Conversions Not Being Tracked for My Custom Integration?
Why Are Conversions Not Being Tracked for My Custom Integration?

Top reasons you might have encountered a snag with a custom integration

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Custom integrations are a little trickier than the plug-and-play variety. Here are a few common reasons things go wrong so you can get back on track quickly:

Reason #1: You don’t have a developer on staff and you’re attempting to DIY. It certainly isn’t impossible to DIY a custom integration, but it does frequently require some coding knowledge and placement of Javascript snippets on your site, or the creation and use of webhooks. If you’re having trouble, email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

Reason #2: You’re attempting to call the Refersion API from your webpage instead of server side. This should be a back-end process with results showing up on both the back and front ends.

Reason #3: You’re using Google Tag Manager (GTM). We do not recommend the use of GTM for our tracking scripts. Manually adding our Javascript to your page is the way to go.

Reason #4: A cart_id is either missing or doesn’t match between clicks and order data sent via webhook.

  1. On your “thank you” or order confirmation page, ensure our cart tracking JavaScript code snippet is configured to send us a unique cart_id. This cart_id will be associated with the click tracked to your site from an affiliate.

  2. From your server, ensure the same cart_id sent on your thank you page via javascript is included in your HTTP POST when sending order data into Refersion.

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