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What Is The Partner Request And Who Is It From?
What Is The Partner Request And Who Is It From?

We want to be sure you have an easy time connecting Refersion to your Shopify store

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If you’ve recently signed up for a free trial of Refersion but haven’t yet completed integration, you might have noticed a Partner Request in the app and email (also in Shopify) asking if you’d like some help.

That’s just a friendly member of our Customer Success Team reaching out! If you do need help with the process, go ahead and accept the request to collaborate. We’ll:

  • Verify that you have the correct domain in Refersion

  • Configure any additional plugins you have that might require further configuration to work with Refersion

  • If needed, add any other scripts to your account for payment gateways or specialized use-cases

  • Run a test - an actual order we need to place in your store to verify that Refersion's receiving your data successfully

We’re here to help.

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