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Why Did My Test Order Fail? Why Is My Referral Link Not Working?
Why Did My Test Order Fail? Why Is My Referral Link Not Working?

Common reasons your test order or referral link might not be working.

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You’ve connected your ecommerce store with Refersion, but your test order has failed. Here are some common reasons this happens. You'll be able to fix most of them quickly, and we've got you for the rest :)

Reason #1 You performed your test in a regular browser window instead of an Incognito window.

Reason #2: You had cookie blocking settings enabled in your Incognito browser window.

Reason #3: Your ecommerce store only sends order data into Refersion when you mark orders as Completed or Paid. (This can happen with a WooCommerce integration)

Reason #4: Your website does not integrate with Refersion because it does not accept custom Javascript (Wix, for example). See a list of our Integration partners here.

Reason #5: You have a more advanced (or custom) setup, and something went awry with that integration. (This happens from time to time with Magento.)

If you’re a Shopify customer and your test order attempts haven’t been successful, go ahead and accept our request to collaborate. We can get right in there and solve it with you.

And if you’ve tried again and still haven’t had any luck with your test order or referral link, give us a shout! Chat to us in Refersion or send us an email.

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