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Integrate Refersion with your Uscreen account

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This guide will help you integrate your Refersion and Uscreen account, allowing you to track affiliate orders generated from your Uscreen platform.

What you'll need for this integration:
1 - The public and secret keys from your Refersion account
2 - Your Refersion subdomain

Instructions for finding your public key, secret key, and subdomain can be found in this article. Instructions for finding these items are also included in this guide.

Step 1. Find the Refersion integration in Uscreen.

In your Uscreen dashboard, navigate to settings and click on integrations.

From the integrations screen, scroll down to find Refersion. Once you've located Refersion, click connect.

Upon clicking connect, a new tab will open asking for your public key, secret key, and Refersion subdomain. Stop here and open Refersion in a new tab if you do not currently have your Refersion dashboard open.

Step 2. Copy your public key, secret key, and subdomain from your Refersion account.

To find your public and secret keys in Refersion, navigate to Account > Settings > Refersion API.

Copy your public and secret key. Return to the "Integration with Refersion" page and paste the keys in the designated fields. Please ensure there are no extra spaces when pasting your keys.

Next, return to Refersion to get your subdomain. The easiest way to find your subdomain is to go to your dashboard and click on "Affiliate sign-up". A modal will appear showing your full subdomain. Copy the part of the URL after "https://" and before "".

Paste your subdomain in the Refersion subdomain field on the integration screen.

Once all three values are set, click connect. You should see a success screen confirming the integration is connected.

Step 3: Run a test order

To make sure everything is configured correctly, run a test order to test the tracking on your site (note: test orders will take about 10 minutes to come through, and free trials in Uscreen do get tracked as conversions). If you are having any issues contact us, [email protected]

Special Integration notes:

  • Free trials in Uscreen will report to Refersion as $0 orders when an affiliate refers a customer using their link. These $0 orders will create a conversion for the affiliate.

    If your site offers free trials and you plan to have affiliates promote using their link, we recommend using percentage-based commissions only.

  • If you'd like affiliates to promote with a unique coupon code such as "JANE10", conversions will only be created when the customer's card is charged. Free trial conversions will not come in for coupon-based referrals.

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