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Integrate Refersion with your Weglot account

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We've partnered with Weglot to bring language translation features to affiliate dashboards. If you do not have an existing Weglot account, you can sign up here.
With Weglot enabled, the following sections in the affiliate dashboard can be translated into another language:

  • Dashboard

  • Conversions

  • Payment History

  • Reporting

For security reasons, the affiliate settings' pages are not translated. If you'd like these sections translated, please reach out to our Customer Success team for additional information at [email protected].

In order to enable the Weglot language translation features, please follow the instructions below.

If you have an existing Weglot account, start with Option 1.
If you are creating a new account, start with Option 2.

Option 1: Integrating an existing Weglot project with Refersion

If you already have a Weglot account, you can select an existing project to integrate with Refersion. Alternatively, you can create a new project via the last menu option and move on to Option 2.

Once you've selected a project, navigate to Settings > Setup and copy your API Key. Paste the API key in your favorite text editor and leave Weglot open in your browser. Once that's complete, skip ahead to Option 2, step 2.

Option 2: Setting up a new project in Weglot

Step 1: Set up your new project:

For your new project, type in a name and select "Other" as the website technology. Then, click next to move forward to the next step.

In the next step, Weglot will ask you for domain information. Since we will not be using a domain integration, you can bypass this step by choosing "Use Javascript Integration".

Now that you've selected the Javascript integration, you should be prompted to choose the original language for the project. Please select English since the affiliate dashboard's original language is English. Once you've selected the original language choose a different language for translation. Click next to proceed to the following step.

The next step will ask you to copy a code snippet onto your website. For Refersion's integration with Weglot, we only need the api_key. Copy the code snippet into your favorite text editor or notepad and leave Weglot open in your browser.

Step 2: Add your Weglot API key in Refersion

Open a new browser tab and login to Refersion if you have not done so already. In Refersion, navigate to Account > Settings > Weglot. Open your text editor or notepad where you pasted the code snippet. From the code snippet, please copy your Weglot API key. The API key is the text that starts with wg_. Copy the text within the quotation marks like the image below:

Paste the API key into the Weglot API key input field, then change "Enable Weglot" from No to Yes. Make sure to save your changes.

In order to confirm everything is connected, go to Manage > Affiliates and choose any affiliate from your affiliate list. Click the kebob menu to the far right of the affiliate's name and then click Login As. The affiliate dashboard will open in a new tab.

You should now see a little language selector at the bottom right of the dashboard. Click on the selector and change the language. Once you see the translation on the dashboard, you can return to the Weglot tab in your browser.

The new project wizard should automatically update and progress to the last step. You can skip the additional questions and click "Go to my translations" to see your Weglot dashboard.

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