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How to complete the white-label process
How to complete the white-label process

Follow these required steps to complete the white-label setup for your account.

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Some of your affiliate-facing views and dashboards contain Refersion branding, which can be removed through our white label service, which is available to our Enterprise clients for a one-time fee. This service completely removes Refersion branding throughout your outward-facing affiliate program. This includes:

  • Removing the Refersion footer from all Affiliate Dashboard views

  • Removing Refersion branding from all Affiliate Login views

  • Removing Refersion branding from all Affiliate Registration views

  • Updating the URL of the views mentioned above to route to a subdomain or domain of your choosing (ex:

What you’ll need for the white-label process:

  • The URL of the desired subdomain you’d like to use for the affiliate-facing views. (e.g:,,,

    Note: The subdomain doesn’t necessarily need to exist yet nor do you need to buy a new domain for this process. You will, however, need to be able to create new DNS records that point to your desired subdomain.

  • The name and email of the person at your business authorized to sign contracts and accept invoices.

  • Access to your domain’s host/registrar admin panel. If you don’t have access to this or do not know what this is, we recommend looping in your webmaster or technical team to assist.

The white-label process

Step 1: Provide your desired subdomain name to the Refersion team.

Please also send the URL for your website’s favicon.

Step 2: Refersion will update the favicon for your account and hide all references to “Refersion” on affiliate-facing pages.

This updates your existing affiliate registration form, affiliate login pages, password reset page, and affiliate dashboards.

Step 3: We’ll provide a CNAME for you to configure with your domain host.

If you are not familiar with adding new DNS entries for a domain, please loop in your webmaster for this step. If you’d like to try this on your own and have admin access, CNAME instructions for popular domain hosts can be found below:

Note: If you’re using Cloudflare, you’ll need to ensure the cloud icon is grey and not orange when adding a new CNAME record.

Step 4: Let us know once the CNAME has been added as a new DNS entry.

Once the CNAME is configured the changes may take between 24 – 72 hours to be live. Once the changes are live, our team will test all affiliate-facing pages to ensure they all point to the new subdomain in the address bar within the browser. If the affiliate-facing pages are not updated, our team will troubleshoot with you or your webmaster directly to ensure the CNAME was configured properly. If the pages are updated, we’ll test to ensure everything is working as intended.

The images below show what you should expect to see once the white-label process is complete.

Your registration page will show your company’s favicon and white-labeled subdomain:

Your white-labeled registration page will no longer show any Refersion branding at the bottom:

That’s it! If you’re interested in discussing further please reach out to [email protected].

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