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Segment Integration with Refersion as a Destination
Segment Integration with Refersion as a Destination

Connect Refersion to your Segment account and automatically create affiliates from your Segment Sources

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With the Refersion – Segment integration, clients can automatically create affiliates by connecting the various app sources that are part of the Segment sources catalog.

Please note: Our Segment integration only supports creating new affiliates in Refersion using basic identity information such as name and email. If you need to perform other actions such as tracking orders and conversions, you'll need to loop in your developers and integrate using our custom integration documentation.

Before you start, it is a good idea to log in to your Segment account and think about which apps you would like to connect. Remember, Refersion will be the Destination that will be receiving information such as names and email addresses from Sources for the creation of new affiliates within your Refersion account. Once a Source is connected all new identities that come into that source will be passed to Refersion, and an affiliate account will be created for them.  

To set up the integration, log into your Refersion account and go to  Account>Setting>Segment.

If it’s the first time you are integrating Segment with Refersion, or you have disabled a previous connection, you will see a green Enable Segment Integration button. Clicking the button will bring you to the following screen inside Segment if you are already logged in, otherwise, you will be prompted to enter your Segment login information: 

From the screen above you will be able to choose the first data source from the Source dropdown menu. After you click Allow, the connection to your first source within Segment will be established and you will be taken back to the Refersion integration screen.

Choosing an Offer 

Now that your Refersion account is connected to Segment you should choose which offer the affiliates from Segment will be created in. Click the dropdown menu under Segment Integration Settings, choose an offer and click Save Changes. If you decide to change the offer for Segment created affiliates, then return to this screen and choose a different offer. Then click Save

At this point, it is a good idea to check if your New Affiliate and Pending Affiliate settings are ON in the Channels > Email page. Having these setting turned on will ensure that the newly created affiliates will be notified that an affiliate account has been created for them, and also approved by you. If these settings are turned to OFF, you would need to notify the newly created affiliates in a different way. 

Adding Additional Sources

With the Refersion – Segment connection established you can now create additional sources as well as remove sources within the Segment application.

Click the Catalog icon in your Segment application then choose your data sources after clicking on the Sources tab on the top of your screen. After selecting your sources, go to Segment’s main dashboard by clicking on the Segment logo in the top left of the screen. Click on one of your selected sources then click on Add Destination and select Refersion.  

For identity requests, we accept the following traits: 

name (full name)
address: street, city, state, postalCode or postal_code, country (2 characters)

Identify traits that are not part of the list will not be used.

Removing Sources and Disabling Segment Connection

Removing specific sources to prevent them from sending new data to Refersion is done through Segment, and this is done by selecting the specific source and removing Refersion as a destination.  

To completely disable the Refersion – Segment integration head back to the Account > Setting > Segment screen and click the Disable Segment Integration button.

Confirm by clicking Disable Segment Integration again in the pop-up message and your connection will be turned off.

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