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UpSellit Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 2005 and based in L.A.

  • Over 14 years of experience in launching and managing on-site conversion optimization and email remarketing campaigns.

  • 3,000+ partners in 25+ countries.

  • All technologies built in-house and proprietary.

  • Quick, simple, one-time integration.

  • In-house design, development and client success teams manage the entire campaign process from start to finish.

  • Custom tailored strategies and branded campaign development.

  • No lengthy contracts, no upfront costs, and flexible pricing: pay-for-performance and flat fee pricing options available.

  • Robust reporting on all KPI’s/success metrics to measure campaign performance.

  • Experts in regional/country compliance laws/regulations to ensure advertisers are always compliant and on the right side of the law.

Advertiser Qualifications:

  • Average 100-150 conversion/sales per day (for performance-based pricing).

  • Depending on the number of conversions/sales per day, AOV between $50-$100 (for performance-based pricing.)

  • If an advertiser doesn’t meet these minimums, flat monthly fee option available.

Q: What’s integration look like…what’s involved? 

A: Integration is a breeze and will take 10-15 minutes tops to complete. Upsellit provides the client easy to follow implementation instructions to integrate our feather-light JavaScript Tag and conversion tracking pixel on their site. This can be done 1 of 3 ways:

  • Through the advertiser’s tag manager: Google, Adobe, Tealium or Signal

  • Through the advertiser’s ecommerce platform: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, Yahoo Small Business, WordPress Cart, 3dcart, UltraCart, etc.

  • Directly to the advertiser’s site using a standard “copy and paste” procedure.

Regardless of how the advertiser wishes to integrate our tag and pixel, all options are simple and will take about the same amount of time needed to boil an egg!

Q: How much do your solutions/services cost?

A: UpSellit provides advertisers flexibility when it comes to pricing. We typically work on a pay-for-performance price model; however, if you prefer the predictability of a flat rate model, we’re happy to accommodate after we’ve established a baseline lift in your profitability. This approach to our partnership ensures that our goals are aligned and that our partners realize an immediate return-on-investment. Our overall goal is to prove our performance and incremental lift before we begin expanding or optimizing your solutions. While other providers focus on charging per campaign or total site traffic, our primary goal is to prove our value. 

Q: Are there any upfront launch or integration fees…or any other costs associated to get started with UpSellit?

A: No. There are no upfront fees or any other costs involved to get started with UpSellit. All that we ask of the advertiser is to place our tag/pixel and to send us the insertion order (IO) through Refersion. We will review it quickly and accept the terms to get started.

Q: Is there a minimum commitment of 12 months required in your


A: No. Being that we operate just as any other publisher does within the advertiser’s affiliate program, we have no minimum contract duration and operate on a month-to-month basis. The IO pushed to UpSellit through Refersion is our contract, and the only consideration we ask for is 45-60 days at the start of our relationship to get ramped up and 30 days notice via email as a courtesy should a client decide to terminate service for any reason.

Q: How long does it take after UpSellit’s tag/pixel are in place on our site before campaigns are live?

A: On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks to go live to the public once we have confirmed that our tag and pixel have been installed properly. We need 5 business days or less to produce designs/graphics which are sent to the advertiser for approval, and once these are approved, we need another 5 business days or less to code/build out the solution(s). Once the build is complete, a link with testing instructions is delivered to the advertiser so they can test the working solution to make sure it looks and feels and engages as they would like and as it is programmed to do. And once we have final approval from the advertiser after testing is complete, the solution is turned live to the public. UpSellit will then do a final QA to make certain everything is behaving accordingly in the live environment.

Q: Who handles the design/graphics work need for your solutions?

A: UpSellit takes care of all of the designs/graphics needed for your campaigns. Whether it’s for exit intent/abandonment, lead capture, product recommendations, or email remarketing, our in-house design team will mock up all creative and work with the client on any revisions needed to get approval prior to any campaign going live on the advertiser’s site. If an advertiser has a style guide or brand guideline they would like to supply us before we begin designing anything, we will follow these closely during the design process. Alternatively, if the advertiser would prefer to use their own design team to build out graphics or have us collaborate with their design team, we are happy to work cooperatively to achieve the best possible result. There is no additional cost to the client for UpSellit to handled design/graphics.

Q: How do you go about optimizing campaign(s) performance & do you A/B split test?

A: First and foremost, we need to establish benchmarks and goals with the advertiser prior to going live. Once these success metrics are agreed on, we need to gather enough data to make educated decisions about how best to optimize a campaign based on the results we are seeing. We don’t “throw things against the wall to see what sticks”, we use a data-driven approach to make calculated decisions when it comes to optimizing each campaign. Part of the process may include A/B testing different variables, such as: discount/promo offered, different imagery/graphics/color schemes, ad copy, page placement, audience segmenting, new vs. returning customers, desktop vs. mobile, targeting specific cart values, geo, etc. Our recommendations and executions to optimize an advertiser’s campaigns have no additional cost. In addition to design work we do for the client, our optimization process is all part of our managed services.

Q: Can you target or suppress certain channels, visitors, traffic/media sources?

A: Yes. One of the most (if not the most) important differentiators between UpSellit and our competitors or UpSellit vs. an inexpensive plug-in is our ability to target and suppress based on the rules of engagement the advertiser wants to put in place and out recommendations. Being that we build each solution to be unique to that advertiser’s specific needs and goals, we write custom code that allows us to “wrap” any set of rules around the solutions we deploy. UpSellit’s precision targeting allows us to configure campaigns to target, suppress or alter engagements based on any combination of visitor details or session data: device type, traffic source, search terms used, geolocation, pages visited, page abandoned, behavior during previous visits, items in cart, shopping cart value, etc. This ensures that we engage the right visitor, with the right message, at the right time.

*If you don’t see a particular solution/product you are looking for related to onsite engagements/conversion optimization or email remarketing, please don’t hesitate to ask UpSellit about what you have in mind/want to do. Chances are we can build what you are looking for because we have built it before for someone else. And if we haven’t, we always consider any request to investigate the use case, as it may be a great product addition we can offer to our other advertisers.

Email Contact for Support:

Email Contact for Sales/Business Development:

Jeremy Aaronson – [email protected]

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