Refersion’s Marketplace dashboard let’s affiliates understand their historic performance as well as the most recent activity. 

Reports Graph

The reports graph on the left side of the page lets you see your historic performance over a period of time. Select a range by clicking in the Date section on the graph or pick a pre-selected range, such as six months. The graph shows historic data for earnings (dark green), conversions (medium green), and clicks (light green.) You can click on the name of the line at the bottom of the graph to hide it in order to only view one or two of the graph items.

In order to get a more detailed view, hover the mouse cursor over the graph to see the exact earnings, conversions, and clicks for a specific date. Furthermore, hiding the Clicks graph line will often make the Earnings and Conversions graphs more detailed and easier to understand. 

Below the graph you will find your all-time top merchants ranked by the total amount of conversion payments you earned with them.

Notifications Panel 

The Notifications panel shows you the latest activity from your active offers. Here you will be able to see your recent approved conversions and new payments, including the dollar amount and time/date. In this section, you will see a notification whenever a merchant approves your application to join a new offer.

New Merchants & Tips Panels

The New Merchants section shows the 10 latest merchants that posted their offers in the Refersion Marketplace. Finally, the Tips section at the bottom has helpful suggestions on how to optimize your Marketplace experience and grow your conversions revenue. 

Active Offers View

Active Offers is part of the Marketplace’s My Offers section. Here, users can see all the offers they have been accepted into, and which they can actively promote. The graph’s show each offer’s Earnings and Conversions history for the past 30 days. 

Pending Offers View

Pending Offers is also part of Marketplace’s My Offers section. Here Marketplace users will see all the offers they’ve applied to that are awaiting approval by the corresponding merchants. 

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