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About the Refersion Marketplace Dashboard
About the Refersion Marketplace Dashboard

Where affiliates can track their performance, and get the latest offer and payment notifications.

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Refersion’s Marketplace Dashboard is where you can track your historic performance and most recent activity.

Performance Graph

If you're a part of any affiliate programs, then the performance graph will appear and display your historic performance over a period of time. Select a range by clicking the dates on the top right corner on the graph, or pick a pre-selected range, such as 'Last 6 Months'.

You'll also get a snapshot of your Earnings (purple), Conversions (green), and Clicks (blue). You can click on the name of the line at the bottom of the graph to hide it and isolate one or two of the graph items.

For a more detailed view, hover over the graph.

Tip: Hiding the Clicks graph line can make the Earnings and Conversions graphs easier to read.

Below the graph, you'll find your all-time top merchants ranked by total paid conversions with them.


This shows you the latest activity from your active offers: recent approved conversions and new payments — including the dollar amount and time/date. Whenever a merchant approves your application to join a new offer, you'll also see that notification here.

New Merchants

If you're new to the Refersion Marketplace and haven't joined any affiliate programs yet, then you'll see the 10 latest merchants that posted their offers. You can also click View More, which will take you to the Find Offers tab.

My Offers

The My Offers tab shows you all the affiliate program offers you've been accepted into. Each brand that you are promoting has its own graph showing your Earnings and Conversions history for the past 30 days. 

Pending Offers View

The My Offers tab by default shows you all programs where your application has been accepted. However, you can also quickly filter to see all the offers that you've applied to that are awaiting merchant approval. 

What's Next?

Now that you know a bit more about how to navigate your Refersion Marketplace account, you can check out our help guide on how to find and discover brands and promote their products!

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