Changing your main login email account can be done within your Refersion account in a few simple steps.  For security reasons, the Refersion team cannot change your account email for you, so you must have access to the existing account to perform the following steps.

Before beginning, open your Refersion account in one tab, and have your email opened in another, if using a cloud based email.

In Refersion, the change email option can be found in the Profile section of the dropdown menu on the top-right of your screen.

Find the Change Email link under your current account email. After clicking, you will need to enter your current password followed by the new email address.  This will trigger a verification email to the newly entered email address.  Do NOT close your Refersion window.

A verification email will be sent to the new email address. You will have one hour from the time you requested the change to verify your new email. The request will be canceled if more than one hour elapses.  When you click on the verification email - you will re-open a new Refersion window with the updated email.  The account email is NOT changed until you see this confirmation.

Please keep in mind that the change email request will generate two email notifications to the email address currently on record. The first email will be a notification that a change has been requested to a different email address. The second email will be a confirmation that the login email has been changed. 


Changing your login email in the profile section will NOT change the Affiliate contact/support email in the General Setting section. If you wish to change the Affiliate Contact email you will need to do this separately under Account > Settings

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