Shopify users on a Starter Refersion plan can upgrade to our Professional plan by following the steps in this article. 

However, Professional Shopify users wanting to upgrade to our Enterprise-Level plans will need to contact us at [email protected]

To upgrade from Starter to Professional Plan with a Shopify account, you must log into your Refersion account. 

Step 1: Go to Account>Billing in the top navigation menu. 

Step 2: Click the Change Plan link in the top right corner. 

Step 3: Choose the Professional plan to upgrade. 

Step 4: Once selected, you'll need to click the approve in Shopify button. Since you are being billed via Shopify, you must give permission for this billing change to occur in Shopify. 

Step 5: Verify that you want to upgrade to the Professional plan in Shopify. Finally, click the Approve Changes button. Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your plan!

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