If you have products using SKUs that you do not wish to pay commission to your affiliates on, then you'll need to use our SKU Exclusion feature. 

This feature is not visible by default. If you'd like Refersion to turn on it on for you, simply get in touch with a member of our customer service team and it will be made available for you. 

You can find this feature in Account > Settings > SKU Exclusions

There are two ways to add SKUs to the exclusion list. First, you can add each SKU individually by clicking on the yellow "Add SKU" button on the top right, or you can upload multiple SKUs at the same time by clicking the yellow "Upload SKU CSV" button. 

Please note: SKUs entered into Refersion are case-sensitive. 

Excluding SKUs Individually 

Adding SKUs individually is as simple as entering the SKU and product name/label. Click the yellow button labeled "Add SKU", fill out the SKU and product name, and click create. 

Excluding Multiple SKUs At Once

If you have a bulk list of SKUs you want to be excluded, then you should upload them using the "Upload SKU CSV" button. 

We've created a CSV template that you can use to fill out all your SKUs. You can download it here

You'll need to open the template with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another compatible spreadsheet program. 

Once you've added all the SKUs and product labels/titles, simply upload them to us through the Upload Blacklist SKU CSV screen.

You can go back to the SKU Exclusions page to view all your successfully submitted blacklisted SKUs. 

If a customer purchases a SKU that you've excluded, then it will not show up as a conversion in your account. 

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