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Is Refersion Able To Track More Than One Shopping Cart/Domain?
Is Refersion Able To Track More Than One Shopping Cart/Domain?

Options for setting up more than one store within a single Refersion account.

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Absolutely, we can track multiple carts and domain sales within the same account. There are two different options for setting up multiple domains for your store, depending on what you're looking to accomplish.

Important: Please note that if you connect multiple stores to your Refersion account, all branding, tax, and commission settings within the account would be shared across the different domains for all of your affiliates. All of your affiliates will be able to promote for all of your connected stores. You are essentially combining your affiliate programs for your different stores into one single program.

Connecting multiple stores to one Refersion account works best in the following cases:

  • Your stores are under a parent brand in which the logos, colors, and registration page that your affiliates will see can all be shared across the different domains.

  • Your stores all operate under the same tax structure. (i.e. all brands utilize separate TAX settings in your e-commerce store or all brands use/don't use VAT settings).

Multi-Regional Stores in one account

If you're looking to simply manage the same store in various regions (the United States and the United Kingdom, for example), you can connect tracking within Refersion by going to Account > Settings > Tracking and clicking +Add Tracking.

You'll need to add tracking for each regional store (i.e.,,, etc.).

To ensure all affiliates receive a commission if a customer changes their location on your store, you’ll want to be sure that either:

  • Your country selector app/widget is passing Refersion’s tracking parameter for the affiliate from one store to the other store.

  • You are using relative URL redirects to switch customers to the correct regional store. A relative redirect ensures that the Refersion tracking parameter for the affiliate is passed over when the customer is redirected.

Example: If a customer lands on your UK site with an affiliate link such as, when redirected to the US site, the "rfsn" part of the URL should be carried over to the US site so the US URL looks like this:

If you'll be adding multiple regional stores to one account, we highly recommend prefixing your orders for the following reasons:

  1. Sequential order numbers such as 1001, 1002, and 1003 will overlap between multiple stores. This is especially true when using Shopify or Bigcommerce.

    1. If our system sees the same order number we'll count the order as a duplicate even if it's from a different store. When the order is marked as a duplicate, we won't create a conversion.

    2. In contrast, if we see the orders US1001, EU1001, and CA1001, these are not counted as duplicates and will become separate conversions for the affiliates.

  2. Having order prefixes makes it easier for you to see which conversions belong to which regional store when reviewing conversions and reports.

Multiple Brand Stores in one account

If you have two or more distinct brands that you're looking to set up and track within the same Refersion account (i.e.,,, then we would need to set you up with our multi-domain service.

Please note that the multi-domain service is only available for our Enterprise clients and does require a one-time setup fee.

Once your multi-domain is set up, each of your stores will be added to the account and your affiliates will be able to choose which domains they promote via a dropdown in their affiliate portal.

If neither of the above options fits your use case, then it’s likely best to create a separate account for each of your brands.

Reach out to our team for more information: [email protected].

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