Absolutely, we can track multiple carts and domain sales within the same account. There are two different options for setting up multiple domains for your store, depending on what you're looking to accomplish.

Multi-Regional Stores in one account:

If you're looking to simply manage the same store in various regions (the United States and the United Kingdom, for example), you can connect tracking within Refersion by going to Account > Settings > Tracking and clicking +Add Tracking.

You'll set this up for each store (us.yourstore.com & uk.yourstore.com for example).

To ensure all affiliates receive commission if a customer changes their location on your store, you’ll want to be sure that either:

  • Your country selector app/widget is passing Refersion’s tracking parameter for the affiliate from one store to the other store

  • You are using relative URL redirects to switch customers to the correct regional store. A relative redirect ensures that the Refersion tracking parameter for the affiliate is passed over when the customer is redirected.

Multiple Brand Stores in one account:

If you have two or more distinct brands that you're looking to set up and track within the same Refersion account (i.e. gap.com, oldnavy.com, bananarepublic.com), we would need to set you up with multi-domain service.

Please note that the multi-domain service is only available for our Enterprise clients and does require a one-time setup fee.

Important: Please note that all branding, tax and commission information within the unified Refersion account would be shared across the different domains, so this option works best in the following cases:

  • The brands are under a parent brand in which the logos, colors and registration page that your affiliates will see can all be shared across the different domains.

  • The brands all operate under the same tax structure. (i.e, all brands utilize separate TAX settings in your e-commerce store or all brands use VAT settings.)

If you're interested in setting up a multi-domain in your account, there is a one-time fee and it must be done by our team. Once done, however, each of your stores will be added to the account and your affiliates will be able to choose which domains they promote via a dropdown in their affiliate portal.

If neither of the above options are a fit, it’s likely best to create a separate account for each of your brands.

Reach out to our team for more information: [email protected]

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