What Is Refersion?

How Refersion works, what you can do with it, and who it’s for.

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Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform. It connects to your ecommerce store and helps you manage every aspect of your program in one place. It also provides insights to help you improve your program so you can scale and increase revenue.

What can I do with Refersion?

  • Track conversions (referral sales) driven by your affiliates and influencers

  • Follow your program’s performance from easy-to-read dashboards and reports

  • Manage affiliate and influencer payment in an easier, more transparent way

  • Customize and promote your affiliate registration page

  • Create and structure offers

Who is Refersion for?

  • Top brands with existing affiliate networks, looking to optimize and scale their programs

  • Ecommerce merchants on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others looking for help getting started and room to grow

  • Agencies representing brands, looking to deliver the best possible results

  • Affiliates and influencers looking to connect with brands

  • You! Attend a demo and Q&A to learn more about Refersion and find out if it’s right for you

What can’t I do with Refersion?

We do not (currently) help you recruit affiliates and influencers. But the Refersion Marketplace is a great place to connect! We also have a collection of partners we can refer you to.

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