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How to Prevent Affiliates from Claiming Specific Coupon Codes
How to Prevent Affiliates from Claiming Specific Coupon Codes

This article explains the Coupon Exclusion tab and how to blacklist coupon codes.

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If you use generic coupon codes to offer discounts to your visitors, but are worried that an affiliate might request the same code, then you can blacklist the coupon so your affiliates will not be able to claim it

With the Coupon Exclusions feature, you can either add a single code or upload a CSV file loaded with all the coupon codes you currently use in your shop. Once that is done, then you won't need to worry about which codes your affiliates are requesting.

To access this feature please navigate to the Account>Settings>Coupon Exclusions tab:

Excluding A Single Coupon Code

Click the Add Coupon Code button located in the top right. 

This opens a window that allows you to add your code to blacklist and an optional description for personal reference. 

Excluding A Batch of Coupon Codes

Click the Upload Coupon Code CSV button to add multiple codes at once.

Click Download CSV template file, and fill in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will just be one column with 'Coupon_Code' as the header.

Once you have filled out the template, save it a CSV file and drag it into the Upload Blacklist Coupon CSV pop-up. You should see a message at the top informing you the upload was successful, and your newly excluded coupon codes should take just a few minutes to populate:

If the upload fails, be sure to remove any extra spaces or commas as that can cause formatting issues with CSVs. If you need help, give us a shout in the app or email us at: [email protected]

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