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FAQ About MagicLinks

Frequently asked questions about our publisher partner MagicLinks.

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Since 2014, MagicLinks influencers have driven over $275M in retail sales and 14B+ views on YouTube. MagicLinks empowers over 15,000 influencers with e-commerce technology to turn moments of inspiration into new customer transactions at over 3,500 retailers. 

For most brands, MagicLinks is the single highest ROI driver in their digital media spend.

How Does it Work?

MagicLinks uses Match Intelligence to pair social key performance indicators with proprietary influencer transaction data, resulting in industry-leading ROI across all leading social platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs.

MagicLinks creators embody a passion for their craft, commitment to their community, and focus on brand discovery and collaboration. In order to access our diverse digital talent, we require a CPA minimum of 15% commission, 30-day cookie window, and technology that rewards top-of-purchase funnel.

Our mission is to help brands solve influencers with a sustainable, performance-based approach, transparency in reporting, and compounding results.

YouTube, Instagram and social media creators consisting of over 10,000 content creators, who influence purchases for over 100 million millennials.

Please email Ed Gross at [email protected].

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