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FAQ About Skimlinks

Frequently asked questions about our publisher partner Skimlinks.

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Skimlinks helps publishers monetize editorial content through automated affiliate links for products. Their technology automates the affiliate marketing process for publishers so rather than spending time creating and hard-coding affiliate links into their site, they can focus on creating great content.

Skimlinks manually approves every Publisher domain that wishes to take advantage of their technology. Skimlinks take network quality very seriously and seek to work with Publishers whose content is appropriate and high-quality. Their network drove just more than $1 billion of e-commerce transactions last year. Skimlinks joins Merchant programs so their Publishers are able to promote these brands and help drive sales.

How much does it cost?

This integration is completely free for our merchants to join. There are additional exposure and program opportunities for merchants to review directly with the Skimlinks team but those are optional. 

Skimlinks works on a revenue share model. You don’t pay anything to join or use the service. They take a small cut from the publisher earned commissions: Skimlinks keep 25% and pay the publisher 75%. 

First, please enable our Marketplace in your Refersion Dashboard. Skimlinks now automatically reviews all programs who join the Refersion Marketplace, but please note that acceptance to their network is not guaranteed.

They set merchants live based on the number of clicks generated by its publishers and they will apply directly if they would like to join your program.

You’ll need to accept Skimlinks application to be your affiliate.

Skimlinks works with over half of the top 100 US & UK publishers by revenue including Conde Nast, Hearst, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Trinity Mirror, MailOnline and more. They also work with over 57,000 manually vetted publishers globally including blogs & editorial, news sites, online communities, content networks & more. 

Please note this also includes coupon & discount sites and Skimlinks does have the capability to block particular publishers or websites. 

You can send a message from this page:

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