How to Segment Different Affiliates

Create segments to help surface the strategies that work best for your brand.

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You’re getting affiliates in the door and tracking their sales. Those conversion numbers are popping up on your dashboard. Good things are happening. But good things could be great things. Enter: Segments.

What are segments, and why should you consider using them?

Making sense of the numbers you’re seeing is the key to moving the needle, maximizing your ROI. You can do this by segmenting affiliates who have the same offer (or commission) structure. With your data better organized, you can see what’s working best for your program, and adjust your settings accordingly.

Example: Channel Test

What you want to learn: Which channel returns the highest number of conversions

Duration: 30 days

How to create the segments: Create three different offers, with the same structure, but with different, easily-to-identify names:

Offer 1: 20% of sale (Instagram)

Offer 2: 20% of sale (Twitter)

Offer 3: 20% of sale (Refersion Marketplace).

From your Dashboard, you can filter each group of affiliates to compare conversion numbers. And from Reporting, you can run a performance report by Offer.

Note: With a clearer way to see your performance data, you can start to make adjustments (to improve results and to make your life easier):

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