Why You Would Want To Segment

Once you've learned the 3 KPIs of affiliate marketing, you'll want to start thinking about utilizing segments to better track your ROI performance from your Refersion Dashboard.
Segmenting your affiliates is a great way to test different types of affiliates that have the same commission or offer structure. 

  • Track performance for different groups of affiliates
  • Automatically approve commissions for certain affiliates
  • Automatically approve specific affiliates using an identical offer 

Here are some examples.

Example #1 Instagram Affiliates vs. Refersion Marketplace Affiliates vs. Twitter Affiliates

Let's say you have the same type of 20% commission offer for your Instagram, Refersion Marketplace, and Twitter affiliates. However, you want see which group has the highest conversion for a specific month. To achieve this goal, you'll want to create three different offers, but name them something different. For instance, you could give them each a unique name; 20% of sale (Instagram), 20% of sale (Twitter), and 20% of sale (Ref Market).  This allows you to filter each group of affiliates on your dashboard. Why would this information be helpful? For starters, you get a good idea of which platform you should be focusing your recruiting efforts. 

That's an example of basic segmentation let's take a look at another example. 

Example #2 Media/Blog Affiliates vs. Refersion Marketplace Affiliates 

Let's say you create the offer of 15% of sale and you want to actively reach out to blogs and media websites. (Remember it's always easier to get publicity if you mention you have an affiliate program.)

You send fifty emails to different websites and receive several responses. That very same day you want to make this offer available on the Refersion Marketplace. Now, you could just use the same offer for all these places, or you could take the time and make each of them unique. First, you name the Marketplace offer, 15% of sale (Ref Marketplace). Next, you create an offer specifically for each media and blog site that's going to covered your products. Remember, there's no limit to the number of offers you can create for each Refersion plan.

So, now you have three offers; 15% of sale (Buzzfeed), 15% of sale (Ref Marketplace), and 15% of sale (Huffingtonpost). You can now view analytics for each of these on your Refersion Dashboard.

Conversions start piling in and your getting swamped with having to approve each one. Luckily, by segmenting these affiliates, you have the power to allow Buzzfeed's conversions to be auto-approved. 

You can turn on auto-approval by following the simple steps in the following article: How To Automatically Approve Conversions

You can do this when you create your offer or by editing an existing offer.

Automatically approving conversions isn't the thing you can do either. Maybe you want to change a cookie days for a group of affiliate, automatically approve affiliates to an offer, or even allow a segment of affiliates to be paid when a subscription is renewed.

Segmenting your affiliates by offer saves you time, provides accurate analytics, and helps you focus on which strategies are working best for your brand. 

What's Next?

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