Please Note: This article only pertains to Shopify users. If you are not a Shopify user, then please refer to our article covering referral links.

You can customize URLs for affiliates by creating simple URL redirects in Shopify. This allows you to customize the link that affiliates promote to make it simpler and more memorable. 

For example, if an affiliate's link is:

You can create a redirect that looks like this:

The redirect will still credit the affiliate when a purchase is made. 

Log in to your Shopify backend, and click on Online Store from the left hand navigation pane, click on Navigation from the expanded menu, and then click on URL Redirects:

Then click on Add URL Redirect. In the Add URL redirect pop-up, enter the desired vanity URL, such as the affiliate's name, in the Old path (this wording is counter-intuitive, the old path is where you will be redirecting from). 

In the Redirect to field enter the affiliate's link (the one that includes the
?rfsn=12345.abcdef). You can find each affiliate's link in Refersion by going to Manage > Affiliates and clicking the affiliate’s name. Their link will be displayed in the right-hand box under Default Referral Link.

When filled in, the pop-up should look like this:

Click Add URL redirect to save, and you're done! Test the redirect by going to the new path, it should redirect immediately to the affiliate link. More info can be found here in Shopify's help center. For any additional questions, please email us at [email protected].

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