How To Manually Credit Affiliates

Here’s how to credit affiliates for specific orders, or adjust their commission — up or down.

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Sometimes an order gets returned, and you need to balance that out; or, you need to adjust a commission up or down according to the circumstance.

You can do that from Refersion. Here’s how:

First, find the affiliate whose commission you need to adjust.

2. Click on the Affiliate’s name from the list below.

3. Click Manual Credit from the menu one the left.

4. Select Type of Credit:

  • For Credit a Specific Order Number, enter the Order ID, then click Find Order.

  • For Enter a Commission Amount, enter the Total Commission to Credit (positive or negative amount), and specify the Currency.

Please note: If you manually credit an order that is a part of a recurring subscription, then future recurrences of that subscription will automatically be attributed to the affiliate that you manually credited

5. Enter a Memo or Note to provide any additional details that might be helpful.

Important: This note will be visible to the affiliate.

6. Click Process to save.

You’ll see the processed commission adjustments reflected on the Conversion Page at: Manage>Conversions.

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