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What Are The Different Paypal Mass Payment Error Messages?
What Are The Different Paypal Mass Payment Error Messages?

Some common error messages when paying affiliates with MassPay, and how to solve them

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"Client Authentication Failed" Error

This error occurs when PayaPal is not properly connected to your Refersion account and typical happens for the following two reasons: 

Reason 1: Payouts is not enabled and authorized to be live in your PayPal account.  Reason 2: Sandbox details are copied over into Refersion instead of Live details from PayPal

"Security header is not valid" Error

This error message means that your PayPal credentials are not valid. Please make sure that your PayPal account ID, username, password, and signature are entered currently in Account > Settings > PayPal 

"User is blocked" Error

This error indicates that you do not have the Mass Payments API enabled on your PayPal account.

If you're attempting to send a Mass Payment for first time you MUST contact PayPal to enable the Mass Payments API for your account. PayPal typically takes 24 hours to approve Mass Payments API requests. There may also be restrictions for your currency, country, or account.

"Insufficient funds" Error

This error occurs when your PayPal account has insufficient funds.

When sending Mass Payments via PayPal, you must have enough funds in your PayPal account balance in the respective currency in order to cover the payment(s) being made. PayPal will not automatically charge your linked card/bank account, so please be sure to fund the account before making a payment.

Funds in your PayPal account must be in the currency that is being paid out. For example, if all the funds in your PayPal account are in U.S dollars, and one of the payments you are sending is in British Pounds, then you will receive the above error message.

"Processing: (that never updates)" Error

This error occurs when the IPN address has not been updated in PayPal.  Double check that you properly added your IPN address in the Mass Pay setup article.  If this does not resolve your issue please contact Paypal.

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