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What Are Hidden Conversions?
What Are Hidden Conversions?

Professional Plan customers are able to review and payout a certain number of conversions per month

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If your Refersion account is on a plan which only tracks a limited number of conversions per month, then you may find your account has hidden conversions when you go over that monthly limit.

Most typically this will happen if your account is on our Professional plan, which allows you to track up to a certain number of conversions per month. If you go over this limit, then you’ll see an alert on your Manage>Conversions tab:

Don’t worry! Refersion will continue to track your affiliate program’s referrals and sales, and no data is being lost. Any additional conversions that are recorded above your limit will be hidden from view until your next billing cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to do any reporting on hidden conversions nor will you be able to pay out commission associated with hidden conversions.

How do I unhide conversions?

If you have accrued hidden conversions on your account, then you have a couple of options for unhiding them.

Option 1 - Wait until your next billing cycle begins to see the hidden conversions:

If you only have a handful of hidden conversions on the account (and you don’t anticipate going over the monthly limit every month), then you can just wait for your next billing cycle to start. The hidden conversions that are on your account at that time will roll over onto your next month’s limit.

Important note: Hidden conversions will only roll over at the start of a new billing cycle - not the beginning of a calendar month. For example, if you’re billed on the 15th of the month and today is the 30th, you’ll need to wait until the 15th of the next month to see any hidden conversions released in the new billing cycle.

Option 2 - Upgrade to a higher plan:

If you have a large number of hidden conversions on the account and this happens regularly (every billing cycle), then great news: your program is growing! It might be necessary to upgrade to either our Business plan or our Enterprise plan, which you can do by navigating to Account > Billing and following the onscreen instructions.

Not sure which option is right for you or have some questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] or start an in-app chat!

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