Coupon Code Conversion Triggers allow you to create unique coupon codes that are associated with affiliates and provide an additional way to track affiliate orders without using affiliate links. Whenever a customer places an order using an affiliate's code the affiliate will automatically be credited for that order. Coupon Code Conversion Triggers are great way to track in social media platforms where affiliate links are cumbersome or not available, such as Snapchat or Instagram. 

Note: Conversion Triggers are available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

To use Coupon Code Conversion Triggers you need to create the coupon code both in Refersion and associate it with an affiliate, and also in your e-commerce backend to ensure that is accepted during checkout.

Shopify Users Only If you are on the Shopify platform, coupon codes created in Refersion can automatically be pushed to Shopify with pre-defined rules. Goto Account>Settings and click Shopify in the left sidebar. Fill out the Shopify Discount Code Creation to automatically push your coupon code you create on Refersion to your Shopify store. 

Affiliates can also pick their own coupon code when registering, more info here

Please note: You cannot add a cookie limit or expiration date to your coupon codes. You'll have to do via your e-commerce backend.

There are two ways to create Coupon Code Conversion Triggers in Refersion:

Creating Coupon Code Conversion Triggers from the Affiliate Page

Navigate to Manage > Affiliates and click on the name of the affiliate you'd like to create the email conversion trigger for

Click Conversion Triggers on the left and then click on Add Trigger

Choose Coupon Code under Type, enter the Coupon Code, and click Create.

Once created, the Coupon Code will appear in the Conversion Triggers view, like so: 

Creating Coupon Code Conversion Triggers from the Refersion Dashboard

From the Dashboard, click Add Conversion Trigger

Choose the Affiliate you'd like to create the Coupon Code Conversion Trigger for, choose Coupon Code under Type, enter the Coupon Code and press Add Trigger.

Want to give affiliates the ability to submit their own email coupon code? Here's how you can do that: Allow Affiliates to Create Coupon Codes.

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